Transport and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest – Public Spaces

The thought of experiencing or encountering a cardiac arrest in public space is daunting.

Did you know that around 20% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in public spaces? In Britain alone, there are more than 60,000 incidents a year outside of hospitals and less than one in ten people survive.

17th January 2019

Crowdfunding Campaign for Defibrillators in Milton Keynes

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Camphill Communities in bid to raise the money needed for two automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be installed in two busy public spaces.

The Milton Keynes Citizen revealed that the organisation’s theatre and cafe will be the two locations to benefit from having the lifesaving devices installed.

27th June 2017

Cycling To Work Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease

A new study has found that cycling to work regularly can reduce your risk of developing heart disease and cancer by 40 per cent.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow examined data from 264,337 participants over the course of five years to find out how an active commute can have health benefits.

26th April 2017

Campaign for Sports Club Defibrillators

When you work with some of the fittest and most athletic people on the planet, ensuring you have an emergency defibrillator available may not always feel the top of your list as a sports club, but with thousands of sports clubs across the UK from football, rugby and cricket to swimming, gymnastics and tennis, it’s an important responsibility that you are able to provide the best health care equipment on site if injury should happen.

31st March 2017

Exercising Once a Week Can Still Improve Your Heart Health

People who only find time to exercise once a week – who are being dubbed weekend warriors – can still reap significant health benefits, including for their cardiovascular system.

New research reveals that anyone who fits their exercise into just one or two days per week had a 40 per cent lower risk of dying of cardiovascular disease than those who were inactive, which compares to a 41 per cent reduction in risk among those who spread their exercise sessions throughout the week.

17th January 2017

Ways to Protect Your Emergency Defibrillators from Theft

It’s sad to say but theft of emergency defibrillators is in the news more often than not these days. These devices are absolutely vital when it comes to saving lives and communities come to rely on them once they’re installed. Such thefts can have devastating impacts on people’s lives, but this doesn’t seem to stop others from making off with the AEDs.

9th December 2016

Potatoes/Cereals ‘Increase Heart Disease Risk’

A new study has been published suggesting that eating cereals, wheat and potatoes actually increase the risk of heart disease, while consuming dairy products is not linked with the condition.

Conducted by a team of scientists at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, the piece of research reviewed dietary habits in 42 countries in Europe over a 16-year period, with its results conflicting with current guidance on nutrition provided by governments, the Daily Express reports.

18th October 2016

Pippa Middleton & BHF Team Up To Launch New Healthy Recipe Book

Those of you concerned about your health might want to consider investing in a copy of Heartfelt, a new book of more than 100 quick and easy recipes for a healthy heart, compiled by Pippa Middleton and The British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The book will be out from September 29th but you can pre-order your copy if you want to make sure that you get one without having to queue up and be disappointed. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to fund future research by the BHF.

28th September 2016