Murphy’s Family Donates To Defibrillator Campaign

A family in Belfast has made a staggering donation to the city council to help it provide eight new automated external defibrillators (AEDs) across the city.

The family of Mark Murphy have raised £5,408 and want this money to be used to provide AEDs in his memory.

22nd June 2017

Police Cop Saved Elderly Man’s Life Amidst Violence

At the 21st EFL Championship at the Monileux Stadium on the 24th of February this year, violence ensued after Birmingham City’s second goal, but let’s face it, this is nothing new and is sadly an all too familiar story. So what is it about this particular hooligan temper-tantrum that made it newsworthy? For once it wasn’t supposed “un-aggravated police violence,” or a fan being seriously injured due the fighting, instead, it’s about how one of our boys in blue saved an elderly fan from death who just happened to be nearby.

15th May 2017

Firefighters Face Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

Fire stations are often home to life-saving defibrillators to provide a place of common knowledge for them for use by the public in emergencies, however a new study shows that they may will be especially perfectly placed for a group who are particular prone to suffer from heart disease.

4th April 2017

Defibrillator Register Set Up In Scotland

The Scottish Ambulance Service has set up a dedicated website where communities can register their public access defibrillators. The aim is to ensure that 999 operators know where the nearest life-saving devices are located.

It has launched the Registration to Resuscitation campaign to encourage communities and organisations that have defibrillators to add them to its list, as there is currently no comprehensive record of all the defibrillators in Scotland.

9th March 2017

Edinburgh Trams Fitted With Defibrillators

Following a fundraising campaign, 17 defibrillators have been installed on trams throughout Edinburgh, which will be deployed if a passenger falls ill or if a member of the public has a cardiac arrest near one of the trams.

The move was made after a pilot scheme was carried out in 2015, with St John Scotland partnering with Network Rail to provide support for the installation of four defibrillators at Waverley Station.

16th February 2017

Cafe Raising Funds For A Defibrillator

A brother and sister who run the Botanic Garden Cafe in Southport are organising a charity walk to raise funds to buy a defibrillator for the botanic gardens after a man suffered a cardiac arrest and died recently.

Stephen and Gail Settle tried to revive him, and at the time were looking for a defibrillator, they told the Southport Visitor.

13th February 2017

Funding Defibrillators Through Charging Carrier Bags

Last year, it was revealed that the carrier bag charge of 5p (introduced in October 2015) helped to see the number of single-use bags utilised by shoppers fall by over 85 per cent.

And now it seems that the charge has done even more as a power for good, helping to fund the purchase of six new defibrillators across Solihull, the Solihull Observer reports.

23rd January 2017

Increasing Fundraised Defibrillator Installations

An abundance of defibrillators have been installed in areas all across the UK recently, providing essential lifesaving equipment to towns and villages. Many of these are far away from hospitals and ambulance services, so the installation of defibrillators in such places means that time and lives can be saved.

7th November 2016

Air Pollution Increases the Risk of High Blood Pressure

Living in an area with high air pollution could increase your risk of developing high blood pressure according to a new study.

Research published in the European Heart Journal and conducted by researchers at the Centre for Health and Society at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf found that for every 100 adults who experience prolonged exposure to air pollution, one more will develop high blood pressure than in a group of 100 adults living in a less polluted area.

27th October 2016