Transport and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest – Public Spaces

The thought of experiencing or encountering a cardiac arrest in public space is daunting.

Did you know that around 20% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in public spaces? In Britain alone, there are more than 60,000 incidents a year outside of hospitals and less than one in ten people survive.

17th January 2019

Lightning Strike Dad Campaigns For Defibrillators

A father who was struck by lightning at a school sports day last year is campaigning for more defibrillators to be installed across Northern Ireland, particularly in primary schools.

The Belfast Telegraph reported on Geordie Allen’s story, who miraculously survived a lightning strike in 2016.

28th June 2017

Do You Need To Run Defibrillator Training?

If your business has invested in an automatic defibrillator you need to make sure that all of your staff know how to use it.

While AEDs are designed to be simple to use for those with no prior medical training, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make sure people are confident to pick one up and use it in an emergency.

6th June 2017

AED Saves Man’s Life At The Gym

A 73-year-old man believes his life was saved because his gym had an automatic defibrillator available to treat him when he suffered a heart attack there.

Speaking to Somerset Live, David Little explained that he’d gone to Fitness by Design in Gillingham for his regular workout when he collapsed, before he’d even warmed up.

26th May 2017

Residents of Tamworth Share Their Defibrillator Stories

In April 2016 the Tamworth Herald launched its Have A Heart campaign, designed to raise the funds to put ten defibrillators in place around the town.

Now local residents have come forward to share their stories about how the reactions of others, along with defibrillators, saved their lives.

Tony Hall was one of the people who shared his story. He suffered cardiac arrest in the street and was saved by three teenage girls who were passing by and administered CPR until two police officers arrived minutes later and ordered a defibrillator, which saved Tony’s life.

12th January 2017

Whittlesey: The Heart Safe Capital of the Country

The town of Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire is the heart safe capital of the country, the Wisbech Standard has revealed.

Whittlesey has earned the title due to the 51 defibrillators that are installed around the town, with 33 public access defibrillators available for use in emergencies, while a further 16 are privately owned, and there are two new pieces of equipment waiting to be installed.

5th January 2017

Installing a Life-Saving Defibrillator in Devon Health Centre

A health centre in Devon has recently bought a defibrillator and installed it outside the surgery to help in the event of an emergency.

The Tavyside Health Centre in Tavistock has invested in the life-saving apparatus so the public can operate it should someone suffer from a cardiac arrest and need assistance.

9th December 2016

Providing Free Defibrillator Seminars to Bath Residents

While it is important that more defibrillators are readily available in the event of an emergency, it is equally crucial that those who operate them know how to use them properly.

This is why First Aiders in Bath are planning to provide a free seminar to residents on how to use the life-saving devices, the Bath Echo reported.

23rd November 2016

Proposed Defibrillator Bill in Parliament

MP for Lewes Maria Caulfield has proposed a bill in parliament that would require all schools to have defibrillators installed.

Her motion, the Defibrillators (Availability) Bill, was passed in the House of Commons and if it becomes law, would require all schools, sports centres and public facilities to have a defibrillator and provide defibrillator training to staff.

18th November 2016

New Defibrillator Donated To Charity

Harmony Youth Project in Bolton, a charity that specialises in helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfill their potential, has received a new defibrillator worth £900.

The Bolton News revealed that Harmony Youth Project was given the equipment as a result of a collaboration between Taylor Wimpey Manchester and national charity Hand on Heart.

11th November 2016