FFP3 Face Mask

  • CE Certified – UK Tested
  • EN 149 Standard
  • Disposable Valved Masks
  • For protection against non-toxic solid and liquid aerosols in concentrations up to 50 x TLV (Threshold Limit Value)
  • EU Declaration of Conformity
  • Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • related to CE Directive(s): R 2016/425 (Personal Protective Equipment)

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    Product Details

    FFP3 Grade Disposable Valved Masks

    The low-profile design provides an excellent vision range, fits comfortably to the face and can easily be accompanied by glasses or safety goggles. The valve provides easy breathing and offers the user voice clarity when speaking.

    These disposable FFP3 grade face masks protect against toxic particles and the transmission of flu and virus’. This makes them ideal for use around critical infection control zones. Made of excellent quality non-woven fiber fabric with high peformance exhalation valve. Soft inner face seal for added protection with wide adjustable straps for comfort. This FFP3 grade mask meets the requirements of EN149:2001 which are designed to protect against solids, water based aerosols, and oil-based aerosols. They are therefore the most efficient in filtering out fine particles including viruses, mold spores and asbestos.



    • Standard: European: EN149: FFP3, EN149:2001+A1:2009

    • Nosebar: Aluminum with interior cushion support

    • Material:

    – Made of multi-layered non poisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials:

    – Non-woven protective surface melt-blown filter layer and skin friendly non-woven inner layer

    • Type: Head loop

    • Valve: Fitted exhalation valve

    • Filter Efficiency: ≥99%

    • Penetration: 1%

    • Inhalation Resistance: 30mm H2O

    • Test Flow: 95L/Min

    • Test Particle: Sodium Chloride test 95 l/min NaCl & Paraffin oil test 95 l/min [DOP]



    • Stops entry of dust and micro-organisms when breathing Exhalation valve for the reduced accumulation of humidity and heat

    • Comfortable to wear

    • Adjustable nosepiece for the perfect fit

    • Good air permeability

    • Non-allergenic

    • Latex-free

    • For protection against non-toxic solid and liquid aerosols in concentrations up to 50 x TLV (Threshold Limit Value)

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