Defib Store 4000 Polycarbonate Cabinet – Unlocked

Revolutionary polycarbonate defibrillator cabinet from Ce-Tek, the industry-leading AED cabinet manufacturer. Uncompromising on quality. Uncompromising on safety.


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    Product Details

    Manufactured from polycarbonate the innovative Defib Store 4000 is the only polycarbonate AED cabinet on the market that can withstand high impact, is fire retardant to UL94 V0 and is UV stabilised against the effect of direct sun. The Defib Store 4000 is the latest innovative cabinet addition to the widely acclaimed Defib Store range of cabinets offering a durable, secure outdoor AED cabinet suitable for all environments.


    Defib Store 4000 Cabinet, Features & Benefits:

    • Highly impact resistant polycarbonate outdoor cabinet
    • Fire retardant to UL4 V0
    • UV stabilised: will not be affected by sunlight
    • Double skin clamshell design with full IP66 rating
    • Marine grade stainless steel keypad lock
    • Thermostatically controlled heater
    • Motion sensor LED light – Easily detachable for use as a torch in a rescue
    • Lightweight construction, only 10KG
    • Guaranteed to be fully recyclable
    • Plastic wing handle door locking
    • Also available with a keypad lock*
    • Also available with cooling facility – ask Sales for further information*
    • 10 years warranty

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the world’s leading cause of death. In the UK alone, SCA kills over 140,000 people including 12 young people every single week. Early defibrillation is the key to saving a victim of SCA. Their chances of survival rise up to 70% if defibrillation is achieved within the first 3 minutes compared to a 5% chance of survival if a defibrillator is not present.

    Check out our blog for more information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and other relevant stories. Click here

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  • Specifications

    Cabinet External Dimensions: 465mm (H) x 435mm (W) x 240mm (D)