Alarmed White Metal Indoor AED Cabinet – AED Armor

Keeping your life-saving defibrillator in a cabinet at a fixed location ensures that its presence is noted and that it can be accessed immediately in the event of a cardiac emergency.


The AED Armor Alarmed Metal AED Cabinet has been designed with visibility and ease of access in mind. It features a large clear window front so that everyone can see the lifesaving AED inside, whilst entry to the cabinet is simple and effective with a hand grip equipped door.


Specifically designed for the storage of defibrillators of all sizes, it’s ideal for storage in public places. Safe, visible and suitable for wall mounting.

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    Product Details

    The Alarmed Metal AED Cabinet gives you the added safety feature of an alarm that sounds once the cabinet is opened. This will reassure the first responder knowing that bystanders in close proximity will be notified of the emergency situation. The cabinet guarantees that your device will be well guarded whilst being clearly visible to staff and members of the public.

    This Alarmed Metal AED Cabinet is equipped with an alarm that sounds as soon as the cabinet is opened, this defibrillator cabinet is specifically designed to alert bystanders that there is an emergency. This will prompt them to help you with the rescue process after someone has suffered a cardiac arrest.

    Martek Lifecare is the proud partner of AED Armor Defibrillator Storage Solutions,  AED Armor is a UK manufacturer of quality and innovative AED storage solutions.

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the world’s leading cause of death. In the UK alone, SCA kills over 140,000 people including 12 young people every single week. Early defibrillation is the key to saving a victim of SCA. Their chances of survival rise up to 70% if defibrillation is achieved within the first 3 minutes compared to a 5% chance of survival if a defibrillator is not present.

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    Alarmed Metal AED Cabinet, Features & Benefits:

    • Strong metal casing for increased durability and longevity
    • Large design to accommodate all sizes of defibs and their carry cases
    • A clear glass door enables anyone to see the lifesaving defibrillator & that it is ready to be used
    • White colour allows the cabinet to stand out in an emergency
    • Ideal for office buildings and public places
    • Powder coated for a smart finish and increased durability & longevity
    • Strong metal cabinet creates a seamless look
    • Aluminium Grip handle for ease of access
    • Fixings for wall mounting included


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  • Specifications


    Safe, visible and well suited for a wall mount position, the cabinet provides exceptional protection for all types and models of defibrillator, ensuring that the device is easy to find in an emergency.

    Dimensions: W:380mm H:380mm D:200mm
    Weight: 5 kg
    Materials: Cabinet shell: Cold rolled steel Q235 1mm thick
    Metal Paint: Plain Powder coating – RAL9003 and RAL6024
    Hinge: Aluminium Window: Plastic
    Electronic Features: Alarm: Acoustic
    Power Supply: 3 x Button Cell Batteries LR44
    Output: 105dB
    Operating / storage temperature From 5°C to 30°C