New Genetic Score Developed To Find People At Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease

Heart attacks are one of the main reasons that a person could require emergency medical treatment, with estimates from the British
Heart Foundation suggesting that about 50,000 men and 32,000 women suffer a heart attack each year in England.

Now, however, a new genetic risk score has been developed that could save thousands of lives each and every year by diagnosing the ten year risk of a cardiac arrest, helping doctors find those who are at risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD).

29th September 2016

More Defibrillators in Football Clubs

A young footballer who suffered a heart attack on the pitch has now made the call for more clubs to have defibrillators on site after the death of another player during a cup game at Brighouse Town FC’s stadium recently.

Lee Orton, 33, has said that there are still many smaller clubs that do not currently have these life-saving devices in the near vicinity, because they can cost up to £1,000, the BBC reports.

28th September 2016

Pippa Middleton & BHF Team Up To Launch New Healthy Recipe Book

Those of you concerned about your health might want to consider investing in a copy of Heartfelt, a new book of more than 100 quick and easy recipes for a healthy heart, compiled by Pippa Middleton and The British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The book will be out from September 29th but you can pre-order your copy if you want to make sure that you get one without having to queue up and be disappointed. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to fund future research by the BHF.

28th September 2016