How does the UK compare to the rest of the world for SCA?

The unfortunate nature of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) makes it impossible to preemptively guess when it’s going to strike. With no prior symptoms or pre-requisites, SCA is the world’s biggest killer; over 6 million deaths are accounted to per year due to ventricular tachyarrhythmias. The global survival rate is less than 1% worldwide, and around the … Continued

4th July 2018

Why you need to be pro-active against the world’s biggest killer

Every year in the UK alone, there are 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, of which on average, only 2,100 will survive. Survival rates across the UK sit at the 7% mark. Unfortunately, due to the swift nature of SCA, there are no symptoms, no pre-requisites, it affects everybody from all walks of life. No matter of … Continued

28th June 2018

Defibrillators in the Workplace: Surely you have one by now…?

In a recent survey conducted by leading workplace products and services supplier, Direct365, it has been found that a substantial number of UK businesses are not even considering the purchase of an onsite Automated External Defibrillator (AED), let alone have one on-site. A staggering 52% of businesses have never considered buying or bought a life-saving … Continued

22nd June 2018

What to consider when buying an AED

You’re buying an AED, that’s great, fantastic, another community is protected. However, how do you decide which AED to buy? There are so many considerations, and as I am sure you’re aware, they pretty much all do the same thing. So, is price the only area you’re stuck on? There are far more things you should … Continued

20th June 2018

Why you need defibrillators on university campuses?

Every year in the UK over 600 people under the age of 35 dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, 270 of these will occur in educational establishments. Many of these deaths could be prevented with access to a defibrillator, along with effective CPR, both of which are incredibly accessible for universities, it’s students and its staff. … Continued

15th June 2018

What to compare for the perfect defibrillator…

As society knowledge and understanding of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and defibrillators are at an ever-high, along with technological advancements, the defibrillator market is bigger and better than ever before. So, when it comes to purchasing your defibrillator; which one do you go for? There are a few factors that everybody should consider prior to purchasing … Continued

12th June 2018

Safety & Health Expo 19-21 June 2018

Following on the great success we had at the Safety & Health Expo last year, we will be returning to the expo later this month. The Martek Lifecare team will be at the event across all three days, with live demonstrations and offers on our wide range of defibrillators & accessories. We also have lots of … Continued

6th June 2018

Defibrillators carried by drones in the sky

Whatever your opinion of them, you can’t deny that drones are here to stay. Their price is dropping while their endurance, range and payload capacity are all increasing rapidly. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that there are likely to be 76,000 flying by 2030 which will add £42 billion to the country’s GDP as … Continued

1st June 2018

Young hearts run free?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the world’s biggest killer. Every year, it claims the lives of three million people worldwide and 140,000 in the UK alone, more than breast, prostate and lung cancer combined. Obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and a cholesterol heavy diet can all be contributing factors, but a healthy lifestyle … Continued

5th March 2018