Community Raises Funds For Village Defibrillator

Locals from Wigglesworth in North Yorkshire have been taking part a walking event to raise money for a defibrillator for the community. A group of people walked 45 kilometres (28 miles) on September 24th between Bolton-le-Sands and Glasson Dock near Morecambe. The Craven Herald reported that the sponsored walk, which is longer than a marathon, … Continued

11th October 2016

NHS Launches Calculator To Tell True Age Of Heart

Whether you feel young and healthy, your coronary health may be a different story. That is why the NHS has introduced a new online calculator to tell British adults how old their “heart age” is compared with their biological age. Earlier this week, a new model of the tool hit the NHS UK website to … Continued

4th October 2016

18 Electric Shocks Save The Life Of Bus Driver

A bus driver who had recently taken a leave of absence from work as a bus driver to spend more time with his family was brought back to life by a defibrillator and 18 electric shocks after he suffered an hour-long cardiac arrest. Trevor Cowburn, 53, survived after paramedics used the life-saving device outside his … Continued

29th September 2016

New Genetic Score Developed To Find People At Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease

Heart attacks are one of the main reasons that a person could require emergency medical treatment, with estimates from the British Heart Foundation suggesting that about 50,000 men and 32,000 women suffer a heart attack each year in England. Now, however, a new genetic risk score has been developed that could save thousands of lives … Continued

29th September 2016

Footballer Calls For More Defibrillators In Clubs

A young footballer who suffered a heart attack on the pitch has now made the call for more clubs to have defibrillators on site after the death of another player during a cup game at Brighouse Town FC’s stadium recently. Lee Orton, 33, has said that there are still many smaller clubs that do not currently … Continued

28th September 2016

Pippa Middleton & BHF Team Up To Launch New Healthy Recipe Book

Those of you concerned about your health might want to consider investing in a copy of Heartfelt, a new book of more than 100 quick and easy recipes for a healthy heart, compiled by Pippa Middleton and The British Heart Foundation (BHF). The book will be out from September 29th but you can pre-order your … Continued

28th September 2016

Red Phone Boxes reused for Defibrillators

More than 3,000 red phone boxes have been ‘adopted’ to house life-saving defibrillators around the UK. Community Heartbeat Trust installs defibrillators to phone boxes that have been adopted by communities to reuse rather than remove the iconic ‘London Style’ kiosks. As seen as recently as on BBC’s accidental time travelling sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart where Nicholas … Continued

6th September 2016

AEDs Now Included For EFAW Training

New guidelines suggest that automated external defibrillators (AEDs) should be used as part of Emergency First Aid at work (EFAW). While an AED can be used without training thanks to the clear voice instructions (and, in the case of the Lifeline VIEW, colour screen), training builds confidence. Reactions in an emergency cardiac situation need to … Continued

1st August 2016

Peace Of Mind For Liverpool FC Thanks To The ARM

Liverpool FC have just become the latest sports club to invest in the safety of their players by purchasing two Lifeline ARM devices from Martek Lifecare. Designed to provide perfect compressions for continuous hands-free CPR, the ARM is an essential piece of first aid kit in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Liverpool FC have … Continued

22nd June 2016

Mother calls for defibrillators in all schools after son’s collapse

When Josh Wheelhouse, 15, collapsed at school, it was only the fast actions of staff that saved him. With no previous signs of heart conditions, Josh was lucky to be resuscitated by staff with CPR training. His mother, Tracy, wants all schools to have automated external defibrillators on their premises. “Until the day he collapsed, … Continued

15th December 2015