Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Your Legal Responsibilities

Treating a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be incredibly daunting – especially when you know that every second counts. As well as the panic of an emergency situation and making sure you follow the correct rescue procedure, you might also be worrying about legal claims if something goes wrong or you injure the patient. … Continued

13th March 2019

Why you need defibrillator training

AEDs are designed to be as simple to use as possible so that anybody can save a life in the event of an emergency. You should be able to rely on the AED to make all the decisions for you and guide you through the process step by step, so defibrillator training isn’t compulsory. However, … Continued

5th March 2019

Check your AED!

You never know when or where a sudden cardiac arrest will strike. Outside of a hospital, a victim’s chances of survival without rapid defibrillation is less than one in ten. That’s why you can find an AED in more and more places – schools, workplaces, sports clubs, tourist locations – anywhere there’s likely to be … Continued

28th February 2019

New mandatory heart scans for cyclists

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike even the fittest and most active and there have been many high-profile cases among sports people in recent years. As a result of this and the growing awareness around sudden cardiac arrest, British cyclists from academy level will now have mandatory heart scans. Incidents The most famous incident happened to … Continued

15th February 2019

Sued for first aid – Can I be held liable for using a defibrillator?

Sued for first aid People worry about being sued for first aid when helping others, yet in most cases, an immediate response with no hesitation is essential to saving the life of a victim. Rapid defibrillation is the only proven way to treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest and it can mean the difference between life and … Continued

6th February 2019

How to use a defibrillator

For every minute after a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, your chances of recovery drop by 10%. The average ambulance response time is over eleven minutes, outside of a hospital, the survival rate is less than one in ten. A defibrillator or AED is the only known treatment method but do you know how to use a defibrillator? … Continued

28th January 2019

How to buy a defibrillator

Quick defibrillation is the only proven way to treat a sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital – without it, a victim’s chances of survival is less than one in ten. You know why you need to buy a defibrillator but how do you actually approach buying one. Most importantly you need to buy a defibrillator … Continued

24th January 2019

What is an AED?

What is an AED? AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and is more commonly known as a defibrillator.  An AED is a portable device designed for the emergency treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). It analyses the heart’s rhythm and, if needed, delivers a controlled electric shock to the chest to help blood pump normally … Continued

21st January 2019

Transport and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest – Public Spaces The thought of experiencing or encountering a cardiac arrest in public space is daunting. Did you know that around 20% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in public spaces? In Britain alone, there are more than 30,000 incidents a year outside of hospitals and less than one in ten people survive. … Continued

17th January 2019

Heart disease & the top 10 causes of death

54% of worldwide death belong to the top 10 causes. Any guess at number one? We’ve spoken about the risk of heart disease, especially cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) at length previously – and it’s with good reason. In the last 15 years, Ischaemic (meaning “reduced blood supply”) heart disease and stroke have held … Continued

22nd August 2018